Overcoming Adversity: The Inspirational Journey of Mohadia A. Dimasangkay, 2024 Class Valedictorian

In the quiet halls of academia, where knowledge is both a shield and a sword, a figure appears, not defined by tassels alone. As the sun sets on years of intellectual journeys, Ms. Mohadia A. Dimasangkay, an epitome of perseverance and ambition, stands at the doorway of accomplishment as she graduates Cum Laude, and on top of that, becomes the 2024 Class Valedictorian. She is from the College of Fisheries with her major in General Fisheries, at MSU-Maguindanao.

Mohadia is the daughter of a former combatant from Salbu, Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao del Sur, who owns a small store and sells charcoal to support their daily financial needs. Her path to triumph bore the weight of countless setbacks, each one a crucible forging her ascent to greatness. At a very young age, Mohadia experienced being displaced due to an armed conflict that happened in their community. “Naranasan naming mag-evacuate nang madaling araw, na walang dalang kahit na ano masigurado lang na ligtas kami,” she said, reflecting upon her traumatizing experience. Despite struggling in the evacuation center, she remained brave and continued her studies. Her parents’ dedication served as her inspiration and motivation. “Sa kabila ng mga nangyari, sinusuportahan pa rin nila kaming mag-aral ng mabuti dahil may pangarap sila para sa amin,” Mohadia added, emphasizing her parents’ significant role in her journey as she fights for her dreams.

Furthermore, Mohadia also faced hardships in dealing with people; it was equivalent to people questioning her abilities and putting limitations on her as she became the governor of her own department. People were throwing criticism and spreading false information against her due to their strict execution of their roles as officers. Slowly, listening to their words being thrown put her in disappointment. With the sharpness of every word, she came to the point of questioning herself. The trust within herself slowly fades, caused by what she hears: voices echoing that she cannot make it; voices of invalidations in her capabilities as a person, a student, and a leader. Despite these setbacks in life, Mohadia found the essence of believing in one’s selfโ€”to look for the positive angle in each situation. “I reminded myself that there is always another chance to prove myself, especially to my fellow fisheries students,” Mohadia said dedicatedly. Her vision and courage to continue rendering her service and purpose are the epitome of a student leader’s resiliency to aim for the betterment of the studentry.

Joining various extracurricular activities adds color to her college journey. “I take it as a challenge to prove myself and discover my capabilities,” she said. In every competition she joined, she always reflects on where she fell short, for that will be her stepping stone for improvement. She has an impactful and very positive outlook on life, as she believes that each individual has something in mind to put on canvas. Mohadia truly believes in one’s own uniqueness and potential.

As an embodiment of a responsible and competent learner, Mohadia showcased qualities of being disciplined and organized. She profoundly places importance on and gives the best of her abilities to her studies, ensuring that unnecessary things will not compromise her time for academics.

Throughout her academic endeavors, dedicatedly spending almost half of her life at MSU-Maguindanao, she was bestowed with profound knowledge and specialized skills that helped her excel in all aspects. She stated, “MSU-Maguindanao equipped and prepared me for my future; it helped me grow both personally and professionally.” It was also the support from her instructors that contributed to her academic success and overall development.

“My journey in college is a well-combined joy, regrets, and lessons,” Mohadia said as she reflected on her academic journey at MSU-Maguindanao. Her statement is deeply rooted in her lived experiences as a studentโ€”a student who is passionate and strong enough to continue fighting undeterred by all of the struggles and circumstances she has faced and whatever may lie ahead. She continued her walk as an MSUan with a smile as she realized her dream of finishing her studies and would be graduating and delivering her speech as the 2024 Class Valedictorian.