MSUMag pays courtesy visit to Turkish Ambassador

Chancellor Limbona paid a courtesy visit to Turkish Ambassador to the Philippines His Excellency Niyazi Evren Akyol on March 7, 2023 at the Turkish Embassy.

Ambassador Akyol and Chancellor Limbona discussed prospective areas of collaboration between the University and its equivalent institutions in Republic of Türkiye. He also shared programs of Türkiye that the University might be interested in. He emphasized the importance of education especially in the muslim region.

Also, Chancellor Limbona extends her sympathies in the recent earthquake that struck the southern Türkiye. In response, Ambassador Akyol conveyed his gratitude for the words of comfort during their challenging time and also to the BARMM government for extending their contributions to the affected people in their country.

Present during the meeting was Taha Çağrı Coşkun, Third Secretary to the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye to the Philippines, Mr. Asnawi S. Limbona, Research Director Dr. Raquel Santiago-Arenas, Ms. Bai Aljanna S. Macalandong, and Ms. Bai Allessah M. Mayasa.