Empowering Humanity: MSUMag's Successful Mobile Blood Donation Drive

#MSUMag | In consonance with RA 7719, also known as the National Blood Services Act of 1994, which encourages voluntary blood donation to ensure a steady supply of safe blood and regulate blood banks, the Division of Student Affairs and Infirmary Office of MSU-Maguindanao, in collaboration with the Philippine Red Cross-Cotabato Chapter headed by Dr. Areez Muhammad, conducted a Mobile Blood Donation program on August 23, 2023, at the University Gymnasium. This initiative was also supported by the 6th Field Artillery Battalion, led by LTC Erwin B. Calbesa Art (GSC) PA.

The primary goal of this program was not only to collect blood but also to raise public awareness that blood donation is a noble and humanitarian act, one that can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

Medical professionals, including Abdulnawaf M. Daud, RMT, Shalimar Kamid, RMT, Sitte Norjanna E. Tending, RMT, and Raizah Datucan, worked together to ensure the smooth operation of the blood donation process and to guarantee that each donation was collected safely and efficiently. In addition, the University expressed its sincere appreciation to DRO, Fatma Panda, and Jonah Dela Cruz for their commitment to making it a success.

The University extends its gratitude to all individuals who stepped forward to participate in this program, giving their time and effort to donate their blood.

Let us continue to unite and support initiatives that play a vital role in saving lives and foster a culture of compassion and community within our university and the broader society.