MSUMag Graduating Students receive Congressional Education Cash Assistance

#MSUMag | On June 19, 2023, a total of two hundred fifty (250) graduating students of MSU-Maguindanao, who are residents of Maguindanao del Sur received congressional cash assistance amounting to 10,000 pesos each. This financial aid was provided by Representative Datu Mohamad โ€œTongโ€ Pendatun Paglas Sr., of the Maguindanao del Sur. The distribution ceremony was held at Datu Paglas Municipal Gymnasium in the Municipality of Datu Paglas, Maguindanao del Sur.

The Congressional Education Cash Assistance aimed to support the transitioning of these students from academia to the professional world. Before receiving the financial aid, the recipients went through a verification process to ensure their eligibility. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) personnel facilitated the distribution, ensuring that all necessary forms were completed. Additionally, six representatives from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) were present at the ceremony.

Representative Tong Paglas Sr., emphasized the importance of supporting the educational pursuits of the youth and encouraged the students to embrace their learning journey and utilize their knowledge to make positive contributions to society. Furthermore, he pledged to allocate 15 million pesos for the construction of an MSU-Maguindanao Dormitory by 2024.

The students were accompanied by Mr. Jhon Carlo N. Parcon, Ms. Frossalyn Matabalao, Prof. Ryl Ramos, Mr. Joharie Datucan, Mr. Datu Jamael Adam, Mr. Asrap Mokamad, Mr. Mohamiden Utto, and Ms. Bailabe Amil.