MSUMag Empowers Students with Career Guidance and Job Fair 2023

MSUMag | The Guidance and Counseling Office and Alumni Relations and Placement Service Office of MSU-Maguindanao, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Employment-BARMM organized a two-day Career Guidance and Job Fair on July 4-5, 2023, held at the University Gymnasium.

The primary aim of this career guidance and job placement program was to equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their chosen careers. The program included informative sessions on labor and human productivity, essential standards in the labor force, and other pertinent topics crucial for the successful integration of newly hired individuals.

VCAF Madame Angelita T. Datucan delivered an inspiring message highlighting the significance of work. She accentuated that “attitude is as important as aptitude,” emphasizing the need for MSU graduates to not only excel in their chosen careers but also uphold the highest ethical standards. With great conviction, she assured the students that by embracing her message, they would achieve success in life.

On the first day of the program, Prof. Janina Emmeline G. Sinsuat, a Senior Faculty from the Social Sciences Department, and Prof. Zaida K. Ulangkaya, a Faculty member from the Languages Department, served as resource speakers. They provided insights on “Career Guidance” and shared their expertise on creating a Curriculum Vitae and preparing other essential documents which are commonly required in the employment process.

Ms. Farhana Aizah Adam, a Senior Labor Employment Officer of MOLE-BARMM, conveyed her appreciation to the University specifically the coordinators of the Guidance and Counseling Office and Alumni Relations and Placement Services Office. She emphasized that the students were fortunate to have this program. Her speech revolved around the importance of the Job Fair and concluded with reassurance that regardless of the outcome, the participating MSU-Maguindanao graduating students would gain valuable practical experience on how to interact with employers, which they can leverage in their future job interviews.

In partnership with MOLE, several prominent companies participated in the Job Fair, including LAMSAN Group of Companies, SaveMore Market, and Citi Hardware. These organizations provided students with the opportunity to explore potential employment options and engage with industry professionals. The job interviews were conducted simultaneously, providing a seamless experience for both the students and employers.

The Job Fair at MSU-Maguindanao created a platform for students to showcase their skills and talents while connecting them with prospective employers. It served as a bridge between academia and the workforce, equipping students with practical knowledge and experiences that will contribute to their future success.

Present during the event were the representatives from MOLE including, Haroulden A. Tambak, Rizz F. Bucoy, Jose Thrixter M. Santos, Razul Hejune A. Uday, Datu Ali E. Ebrahim, Alsaidy K. Ebrahim, and Taya Sheik, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and graduating students.