MSUMag Employees Complete Three-Track SDC Courses

MSUMag | Thirty employees of MSU-Maguindanao have successfully completed the three-track Supervisory Development Courses conducted by CSC-BARMM, facilitated by the Human Resource Management Office, headed by Ms. Genuine Uko-Malim, JD. The SDC Track 3 was held from June 13-17, 2023 at the Training Center, Hall A. It is worth mentioning that the previous tracks took place on February 8-12, 2022 (Track 1) and November 7-11, 2022 (Track 2).

The primary objective of the three-track SDC courses is to identify and address the specific areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities that supervisors require to enhance their leadership and management capabilities. The training program is tailored to meet the unique needs of supervisors, incorporating specific goals, objectives, and action steps to develop the required competencies for their roles.

Furthermore, the training program is designed to align with the organization’s goals and objectives, considering the supervisors’ job responsibilities and performance expectations. By providing a clear and actionable supervisory development course, supervisors can improve their leadership skills, enhance team productivity and performance, and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

The resource speakers for Track 3 included Director II of CSC BARMM Field Office in Lanao del Sur, Dir. Sandrah Arnica M. Usman, as well as Senior HR Specialists Mr. Ian Philip P. Zurita and Mr. Mudjahideen U. Lauban. Senior Human Resource Specialist Ms. Ana Marie B. Araral shared her knowledge on the topics outlined in SDC Track 3.

The SDC courses were instigated by the government to support the professional growth and development of supervisors, empowering them to effectively lead and manage their teams. This initiative aims not only to encourage and boost the morale of the staff workforce at the university but also to reflect the commitment of MSU-Maguindanao to its mission of fostering responsive community engagement and empowerment. It further promotes continuous learning and improvement, ensuring the presence of a competent and capable supervisory workforce.