MSUMag celebrates Independence Day with an Array of Activities

#MSUMag | In honor of Independence Day, MSU-Maguindanao headed by Chancellor Dr. Bai Hejira M. Limbona, in partnership with 34th Infantry (RELIABLE) Battalion Band, commanded by LTC Rey C. Rico (GSC) PA, organized a series of activities facilitated by NSTP Director Prof. Regina P. Canja. The activity was held on June 12, 2023, at the University Grandstand, serving as a symbol of unity and national pride

The activity commenced with a silent drill exhibition performed by eighty-five (85) ROTC officers and participants, showcasing their synchronized maneuvers and disciplined performance. This exhibition set a benchmark for the subsequent festivities. Following that, the 34th Infantry Battalion Band delivered a captivating concert for peace that resonated with the audience and created a harmonious ambiance. A raffle draw added excitement and joy to the activities. In addition, the Senior High School MAPEH Department, under the guidance of Prof. Canja and Mr. Mayasa, organized a powerdance competition which highlighted the students’ artistic flair and passion, exemplifying their youthful dedication to the celebration of our nation’s independence.

MGen Alex S. Rillera PA, the commander of Joint Task Force Central and 6th ID, was represented by Col. Jose Ambrocio F. Rustia (MNSA) Infantry PA, the Assistant Division Commander for Reservist and Retirees Affairs, 6ID, PA. Col. Rustia expressed gratitude and appreciation for the event, emphasizing its significance and reaffirming the military’s commitment to strengthening the national pride and unity. He accentuated that it is important to foster positive relationships and to refrain from associating with negative influences. The collaboration between MSU-Maguindanao and the military showcased the university’s dedication to providing quality education that promotes peace and harmony in society.

The Independence Day celebration was a success as it brought together military units, officers, MSU officials, faculty, staff, and students to commemorate the spirit of independence and honor the sacrifices made for our nation’s freedom.

Present were Col. Marlon T. Hardillo (MNSA) PAF, Commander of Tactical Operation Group 12; LTC Udgie C. Villan INF (GSC), PA, representing the 33rd Infantry Battalion; Maj. Jonathan P. Valenzuela INF PA, representing the 2Mechanized Makasag Battalion led by Col. Tristram A. Tolentino ARM (GSC) PA; LTC Rommel L. Sanchez SC, PA, along with his company representing the 6th SIGNAL Battalion; Maj. Leopoldo P. Dapat ARM PA, representing the 3rd CAVALRY Company; LTC Andolong D. Durado INF PA, Commandant of CDC 1203RCDG, ARESCOM; and Cpt. Abiera, representing the 64RECON Company.