MSU-Maguindanao Stands in Solidarity with MSU-Marawi Following Tragic Incident

Mindanao State University – Maguindanao expresses unity with its mother campus in Marawi in the wake of the senseless, tragic, and violent incident that occurred at the Dimaporo Gymnasium in MSU – Marawi on December 3, 2023.

As part of the closing program for the 2023 Mindanao Week of Peace, the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao organized a prayer offering and candle-lighting activity at the 50th Landmark Lounge, situated in front of the University Library and Infirmary at MSU-Maguindanao Campus. Director Grant Warren D. Lu conveyed his dismay over the inhumane bombing in MSU – Marawi, emphasizing the importance of compassion and unity during these challenging times. He expressed gratitude to the employees and students who dedicated their time to offer prayers and light candles for the departed souls, their bereaved families, and the wounded communities of MSU – Marawi. Prof. Maricor Bayog of the College of Public Affairs and Governance led a prayer dedicated to the nation and MSU, joined by Atty. Lorevera Krishna Alcober, Ms. Cynee Del Oeste, and Dunique Love Daylusan. In addition to the Christian faculty members, Mr. Samer Sumandal, the External Vice President of the University Peace Club, offered a dua for them.

The Sining Kandidilimuan Ensemble, led by the Director of the Center for Cultural Affairs, Ms. Norhana Maguid, and SKE Coordinator Jihad Pelmin, delivered a performance titled “Ang Kapit sa Mapayapang Bukas,” inspired by the experiences of the Marawi Siege in 2017.

MSU – Maguindanao stands united with MSU – Marawi and hopes for healing through unity.