MSU-Maguindanao Joins the 2024 International Conference of PPSA at MSU-IIT

#MSUMagAt50 | Mindanao State University-Maguindanao, headed by Chancellor Bai Hejira Nefertiti M. Limbona, PhD, sent four (4) faculty members to the 2024 International Conference of the Philippine Political Science Association (PPSA) with the theme “Reimagining Margins, Reclaiming Borders” at MSU-IIT. The delegation included Dr. Arceli B. Naraga, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development and the Mindanao Representative of PPSA, along with Prof. Ralph Darren Santillan, Datu Mohamad Junaine Amil, Datu Harris Esmael, and Datu Al-Zahid Salik, who presented their papers during the conference held on May 2-4, 2024.

The conference addressed domestic and international issues faced by the Philippines through a series of concurrent sessions. These sessions included lectures on Indigenous Peoples (IPs), International Relations, Geopolitics, and Environmental Politics. The event brought together students, prominent political scientists, social science scholars, and practitioners from various academic institutions, both domestically and internationally. It facilitated fruitful discussions and investigations into established concepts of margins and borders, as well as the ever-evolving political landscape of the world. Dr. Arceli served as one of the moderators in the concurrent sessions.

The presented papers included “The Family Planning Practices of Maguindanaon in Cotabato City” by Datu Harris D. Esmael, Datu Al-Zahid H. Salik, and Datu Mohamad Junaine A. Amil, exploring family planning methods and their socio-cultural implications among the Maguindanaon community. In addition, Prof. Ralph Darren S. Santillan’s “Mechanisms in Resolving Disputes over the Ancestral Domain of the Indigenous Peoples” examined various approaches and strategies used to address conflicts over ancestral lands, highlighting political mechanisms and alternative dispute resolution methods.