MSU - Maguindanao Commences the 2023 Mindanao Week of Peace with a Moment of Solemn Reflection, Honoring the Victims of the Recent MSU - Marawi Tragedy

#MSUMagAt50 | The Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao marked the commencement of the week-long celebration of the 2023 Mindanao Week of Peace on December 4, 2023, during the Flag Raising Ceremony.

The proceedings began with a moment of silence in memoryย  ย of the victims of the tragic incident at Dimaporo Gymnasium in MSU-Marawi. Director Grant Lu emphasized the profound importance of this silence, stating that it should resonate as the loudest call for justice and sustainable peace.ย ย 

Prof. Princess Sheryn A. Mamucao, Assistant Director of the IPDM, delivered the opening message for the 2023 Mindanao Week of Peace. She conveyed that this year’s commemoration had been particularly emotional and weighty due to the recent incident in Marawi. She emphasized that this incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities of peace and order in Mindanao, especially in the Bangsamoro region.

To infuse a positive atmosphere into the event, Suara Landaw and the University Peace Club performed peace songs, including “Kapayapaan,” “Ako na Muna,” “Mapayapang Mundo,” and “Ride Home.” Marcien Awil of the University Peace Club outlined the series of activities planned for the 2023 Mindanao Week of Peace.