Entrance Conference for Financial Audit 2023: A Crucial Step for Transparency and Accountability

#MSUMag | On October 19, 2023, the Commission on Audit (COA) Team – BARMM conducted the Entrance Conference for the Calendar Year 2023 at the Mindanao State University-Maguindanao Graduate Studies, in compliance with Paragraph 17 of the Financial Audit Manual (FAM).

The Entrance Conference is a crucial step in the financial audit process, as it serves as a platform for the Audit Team and the university’s management and stakeholders to engage and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the audit engagement and other pertinent matters. This sets the conference for a transparent, accountable, and cooperative working relationship between the two parties.

At the conference, COA Supervising Auditor Atty. Alexander B. Mitmug, CPA, emphasized the importance of collaboration and transparency in the audit process, creating a mutual understanding and cooperation.

COA Audit Team Leader Michelle S. Glimada, CPA, delivered an in-depth presentation on various aspects of the audit.

COA State Auditor I Jehan C. Sebastian presented the audit thrust and outlined the key focus areas and objectives for the audit. She also discussed the updated COA Circulars.

Chancellor Bai Hejira Nefertiti M. Limbona, PhD then delivered the management response where she emphasized the university’s commitment to transparency and cooperation throughout the audit process.

The conference concluded with the signing of the 2023 engagement letter.

Present at the conference were COA-BARMM officials Mr. Antonio Gepte VIII, State Auditor IV, Marivic Papa, State Auditor II, Marynissa Rasul, Audit Team Member and their staff Mr. Jasper S. Indus, Zurita Bedial, Phil-am C. Macarate, MSU-Maguindanao officials, and Members of Finance Division.