Advancing HR Management: MSUMag leads PRIME-HRM Orientation

#MSUMag | In the pursuit of organizational advancement, the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) of MSU-Maguindanao headed by Ms. Genuine Uko-Malim, JD, continues to support the university in achieving new levels of effectiveness in Human Resource Management through conducting an orientation for the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) with a focus on the Performance Management System on June 5, 2023, at the Training Center, Hall A.

PRIME-HRM serves as a powerful tool that enables government organizations to achieve HR effectiveness by enhancing their capabilities, systems, and practices in the areas of Recruitment, Selection, and Placement; Learning and Development; Performance Management; and Rewards and Recognition.

Director II Arnold V. Juloya, from the CSC for BARMM Field Office of Maguindanao, elucidated the interplay of the four systems of PRIME-HRM emphasizing the significance in shaping a human resource management environment. He stressed that these four systems are interdependent and function as an integrated whole. Each system’s success relies on the effective functioning of the others, creating a holistic and cohesive approach to human resource management. Through PRIME-HRM, the Civil Service endeavors to cultivate a culture of meritocracy, professionalism, and excellence, ultimately leading to improved public service delivery and nation-building.

Mr. Julius Kristian C. Villa, a Senior Human Resource Specialist, served as the resource speaker providing an in-depth discussion on the Performance Management System and delved into its various components and key elements.

In attendance were VCAF Madame Angelita Datucan, VCPD Dr. Arceli Naraga, Deans, Directors, some faculty and staff.

Photo credit: HRMO