MSU-Maguindanao Partners with IPHO-Maguindanao for Free Anti-Pneumonia and Anti-Flu Vaccination Drive

#MSUMagAt50 | Mindanao State University-Maguindanao through the Infirmary Office joined forces with the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) of Maguindanao for Anti-Pneumonia and Anti-Flu Vaccination Drive. The initiative spearheaded by Shaida K. Abdul, aimed to provide essential immunization to university personnel, contributing to the overall health resilience of the community.

The program allocated 100 slots for the Anti-Flu vaccine and accommodated 80 slots for the Anti-Pneumonia vaccine. The carefully planned distribution of slots ensured that a substantial number of employees had access to the essential immunizations, contributing to the creation of a healthier and more resilient work environment.

The collaboration between MSU-Maguindanao and IPHO-Maguindanao once again signifies a strategic alliance between academic institutions and health authorities, emphasizing the importance of preventive healthcare measures.