Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

I. Organizational Chart

II. Function and Description of the Office

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs assists the Chancellor in coordinating curricular, instructional, library and other academic programs in institution. Its duty is guided by the vision in offering world class higher learning in Maguindanao. It is in charge of the development and implementation of quality and responsive academic programs, systems and mechanisms in the curricular, instructional and support for teaching and learning activities to ensure the attainment of the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the university.

The OVCAA performs the following functions:

A. General Administration and Support Services

1. Assists the Chancellor on Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of Academic Program Policies, System and Standard.
2. Attainment of Academic Goals and responsibilities of the campus
3. Supervise and coordinate academic personnel for Instruction
4. Supervise library, admission, DSA, registrar, CIC, JEEP, PUP/CBP

B. Core Functions

1. Instruction
2. Curriculum Development
3. Faculty Development

C. Support Functions

1. Students' Admission
2. Students' Scholarship

The OVCAA specifically coordinates activities of the Committees on

• Admission
• Curriculum
• University Council
• Graduate Mentoring and Apprenticeship Program
• Streamlining and Strengthening of Academic Courses
• University Library Board

III. Services

A. Technical Assistant of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

1. Review individual faculty loading and make necessary remarks;
2. Review pertinent documents of faculty members to rank promotion;
3. Examine curricular offerings and recommends necessary actions;
4. Arrange meetings of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; and
5. Perform related tasks as assigned.

B. Special Assistant of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

1. Prepare and receive communications;
2. Review syllabi and modules and make necessary remarks;
3. Documents MOA signing and all meetings and seminars attended by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs;
4. Facilitate and file forms of Change/Late Entry of Grades:
5. Attend programs in the absence of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; and
6. Perform other related tasks as required.

C. Clerk

1. To facilitate and process TER of faculty Members;
2. To prepare and process travel orders/vouchers and other related tasks.

IV. Picture of the Head of the Office (Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

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