Computer and Information Center

I. Organizational Chart

II. Function and Description of the Office

A. Function

The Computer and Information Center (CIC) was created on August 26, 2004 with the power of BOR Resolution number 191. Its major functions is provide internet access and other Computer related Services.

B. Description of the Office

• A one-stop, physical location for students and faculty during Enrollment Period
• Under the supervision of the Office of the Chancellor but later was re-aligned to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs because of its semi-academic support services.
• It is located at the back of the Library Building.
• Headed by Asst.Prof. Sadat S. Abdulrasid

C. Services Rendered

a. Provide Internet Access
b. Supports end-user computing.
c. It is responsible for training users in applications.
d. Manage and supervise the Integrated College Enrollment System(ICE)
i. Registrar’s Module
ii. Collection Module
iii. Scheduler Module
iv.Billing/Assessment Module
e. Manage and supervise application software used by the HRMO
i. Budgeter/Payroll Module
ii.Profiler/Service Record Module
f. Supervise the Enrollment Flow/Process

D. Picture of the Head of the Office

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

+63 (000) 123 4567

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