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   With the opening of the Mindanao State University – Dinaig Agricultural and Technical College (MSU-DATC) on October 10, 1973, the Liberal Arts Faculty was constituted to provide the first two-year liberal arts education of the students under the envisioned flagship degree programs in Agriculture, Community Development and Forestry.

   Right on the Second Semester of the School Year 1973-1974, the first seven Liberal Arts Faculty Members provided the foundation courses in Languages –English and Filipino, Mathematics, Natural Sciences – Biology, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics, Social Sciences, and Physical Education.

   With the growth of MSU-DATC to MSU-Maguindanao, the Liberal Arts Department (LA Department) through the years being informally recognized as Arts and Sciences Department (AS Department) and later as College of Arts and Sciences (CAS or AS), continued its mandate as the Service College for all the arts and the sciences needs of the other colleges.

   With the advent of the computer world, CAS under the leadership of the appointed Dean Prof. Myrna B. Mama in 1994, provided basic computer courses for all the degree programs in MSU-Maguindanao, and offered the degree program of BS in Computer Science by virtue of the approval of B.O.R.No. 110, s. 1998. The first batch of graduates was conferred of the degree in 2000. To attune to globalization and for the advancement in knowledge of the cyberspace, CAS with the Dean Prof. Wahida N. Kusayin and the Computer Science Faculty Members chaired by Engr. Marcial C. Arcega, worked for the adoption of the degree program of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology which brought increase in the number of enrollees. CAS accepted enrollees for first year and transferees for the degree program of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Pursuant to BOR Resolution No. 62 s. 1999, the President of the Mindanao State University System, Dr. Macapado A. Muslim has granted the Authority to Offer the degree program effective October 12, 2010 of the 1st Semester, SY 2010-2011. The degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology was conferred to the first batch of twenty-six graduates in 2015.

   Congruent to the CAS’ mission of producing developed holistic manpower resources, the degree program of Bachelor of Science in Islamic Studies was granted the Authority to Offer effective October 28, 2015. The program was envisioned to train individuals and hone their knowledge for the responsible preservation and development of intellectuals who embrace the Islamic knowledge and values for the benefit of the Bangsamoro community.

   Anchored on the recent frontline of struggles in the academe, CAS has three-degree programs, with fifty-four faculty members and ten assistant personnel. Each of the six departments - Computer Science, Languages, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and SPEAR, is headed by a Chairperson.

   The current infrastructure facilities include three two-story and one ground -floor buildings - the Arts and Sciences Building, Information Technology Building and Science Building, which are being utilized as classrooms, laboratories, and as offices of the faculty and staff, and recently the Audio Visual (AV) Building that is built in front of the Science Building. All the programs and facilities of the CAS as the Service College, including its physical environment, have been continuously updated and sustained to high standards for the College to meet the expectations of the University, as well as the requirements for accreditation.

   The formal elections of a College Dean were done: first, during the term for Dr. Rosemarie del Rosario- Josue in 1992, and second and third for Prof. Wahida Nur Kusayin in 2010 and 2015, respectively. From 1973 to 2019, CAS had been headed by highly competent professors that included Prof. Marino Rojas Ridao (1973-78), Engr. Leopoldo Estoquia Ochia (1976 - 1978), Prof. Mildred E. Sanchez (1978-84), Dr. Paz Ocho Carim (1984 - 1990 ), Prof. Abdulgani B. Guiapal (1990 - 1991), Prof. Samuel Tenorio Samson (1991- 1992), Prof. Rosemarie del Rosario Josue (1992 - 1994), Prof. Myrna Balabaran Mama (1994 – 1999), Datu Duma de Guia Sinsuat IV (1999-2003), Prof. Wahida Nur Kusayin (2003- 2018), and recently Dr. Teresita L. Abrea (2019).





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