Course Description/Overview

The BSEd-Mathematics program aims to produce highly competent math educators with valuable knowledge, skills and attitudes in carrying out their roles as outcomes-based teachers who are effective promoters and facilitators of learning. The program also aspires to produce teachers who are culture-sensitive who can actively work as agents of change in a highly diverse society.

Entry Requirements

The basic requirement for eligibility for admission of a student to the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics (BSEd Mathematics) a. must be a graduate from Senior High School level of any tracks of the of the University or any instittutions recognized by the Departement of Education; b. must take the System Admission and Scholarship Examination (SASE); c. must pass the College of Education (CEd) oral and written qualifying tests administered by the College Guidance Counselor; and d. must have a final grade of 83% and better in English, Math, Science in grade 12.

Length of Study

4 Year Course


Fees to be collected in line with the implementation of the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English will be based on the prevailing rate and policies of the University.

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