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MSU-MAGUINDANAO Agriculture Building Ribbon Cutting 

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written by Prof. Zaida K. Ulangkaya

              Inauguration ceremonies took place on Thursday, February 24, 2016 at the College of Agiculture, Mindanao State University - Maguindanao for a new building. The newly constructed building will hold classes and is expected to minimize 13518298 1070881332959224 974861027 othcongestion that the College of Agriculture faces. The building was officially inaugurated by the schools' administrators headed by the ever supportive Chancellor DR. BAI SORAYA QUESADA SINSUAT, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs DR. TOMANDA D. ANTOK, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance DR. THOMAS M. SABAL, the College Dean DR. DATUMANOT O. PENDALIDAY, the Faculty and Staff and Visitors. The building measures  fourty-one (41) meters long by nine (9) meters wide. Financing for the building was obtained through the collective efforts of the University Board of Regents and the Management who lobbied for the funding.

At the event, Dr. Bai Soraya Q. Sinsuat said that the conviction of a working people in the University led them to seek funding for the much needed building. " We intend to give our very best efforts to serve our major clients, our students and we give our  full support to education for we know that these youth will be the future of our generation and that they should be given and provided convenience in their learning environment." The Chancellor added that with the completion of the new annex building of the College of Agriculture, I am expecting that our students will perform better in their academic subjects, more specifically, their performance in the board examinations and I am encouraging all the faculty and students to exert the much needed efforts to achieve this expectations. I am confident that with the spirit of working together, we can accomplish more.

"This has to be shining example for us to show other individuals who have the means that we must light a candle. We must be a part of the solution because we need all of us to make education possible in this country", said Dr. Datumanot O pendaliday, Dean of the College of Agriculture, who officially thanked the administration and the management for making it possible the construction and completion of the new building. He took the opportunity to thank Dr. Bai Soraya Q. Sinsuat, Dr. Tomanda D. Antok, Dr. Th

omas M. Sabal, Engr. Suharto D. Pendaliday and the former Dean of the College of Agriculture Prof. Luminog M. Nur for their significant and collaborative effort in working and lobbying for the funds, as well as the work team, faculty members and staff and some of whom volunteered their time, to help in making the affair very successful.



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