An educational zone of peace offering world class higher learning in Maguindanao for Bangsamoro’s continuing growth for all.


      Driven by a commitment to develop highly competent leaders and workers in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and other fields; offers research, extension and production services for the development of the Bangsamoro.


Core Values

Commitment Service Teamwork  Respect  Integrity Diversity Excellence Leadership



  1. Graduate proficient professionals and globally ready citizens.
  2. Foster a strong faculty research culture and tradition.
  3. Expand outreach and deepen impact of extension initiatives with communities.
  4. Level up production toward practice oriented student learning and budget augment.
  5. Provide an enabling environment conducive to operational excellence
  6. Enhance MSU-M’s organizational learning and innovating capacity.



  1. Deliver high quality instructional standards.
  2. Internationalize student’s perspective and experience.
  3. Strengthen faculty qualification.
  4. Affirm faculty member s scholarly feats through research.
  5. Incentive faculty members’ conduct of research.
  6. Rationalize / Intensify University’s extension policy / program.
  7. Rationalize / Intensify University’s production policy / program.
  8. Achieve administrative proficiency.
  9. Achieve financial sustainability.
  10. Capacitate the University in knowledge management competencies.



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