Dr. Bai Soraya Q. Sinsuat



Dr. Tomanda D. Antok                                                           

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs   


Dr. Thomas Sabal

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance


Dr. Danilo Josue

Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Development


Engr. Suharto Pendaliday                        

Administrative Officer            


Ms. Sopia Maguid

Executive Assistant OC


Prof. Maricor Bayog

Dean, Graduate School  


Dr. Datumanot Pendaliday                

Dean, College of Agriculture    


Prof. Wahida N. Kusayin                                     

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences    


Dr. Linang Basar-Monir

Dean, College of Education


Prof. Delfin C. Papa                                                    

Dean, College of Fisheries  


Prof. Lilia D. Guiamla                                                 

Dean, College of Forestry & Envi. Studies


Prof. Manelindo Magelna                                

Dean, College of Pub. Affairs & Governance    


Ms. Lornaidah L. Madale                 

Principal, Integrated Laboratory Science High School 


Bainera K. Dalgan

Technical Assistant, OC


Prof. Allan P. Naraga

Campus Secretary/OIC Registrar


Prof. Rowena Caro   Benavides         

Director for Research  


Prof. Luminog Nur                                                          

Director for Extension Services


Ms. Genuine Malim

Special Assistant, Extension Services 


Prof. Lolita Salazar  

Director, Division of Student Affairs  


Ms. Annabelle Lu Malicay

Director, Income Generating Project  


Mr. Sadat K. Abdulrasid

Director, CIC  


Prof. Thallasah T. Alava                  

Director, Cultural Affairs


Atty. Salipada Tahir

Director, IPDM   


Dr. Muhamad Ali Midzid

Technical Assistant, OVCAA  


Prof. Almira B. Menson

Special Assistant, OVCAA    



Engr. Raquel Arenas

Special Assistant, OVAF    


Bai Shenen Buisan



Dr.Margie Fiesta

Campus Guidance Counselor      


Prof. Allan P. Naraga



Ms. Tumbay L. Manap

Chief, Accounting Division        


Mr. Esmael Dalidig, MPA           

Chief, Procurement Office 


Mr. Nestor V. Diosanta

Chief, Budget Office & Production Manager    


Ms. Catalina Acob                                        

Chief, Cashier Division


Ms. Saimona Ali

Chief, Supply Office


Ms. Jasman Mamadra

Chief, Human Resource Management Office    


Mr. Datu Oden Sinsuat Jr.

Chief, Security Office


Mr. Abdulkahal Ayunana

Chief, Auxiliary Services 


Engr. Mario Betito

Chief, Physical Plant Office & Campus Eng’r.          


Bai Shalimar Sinsuat

Chief, Housingg & Food Management


Ms. Angelita T. Datucan

Planning & Monitoring Officer              


Ms. Gemma E. Ala

Internal Control Officer        


Bai Cherry Ibra-Cosain

Information Officer/Marketing Mngr.  


Ms. Norma P. Bantas

Chairman, Internal Audit System    


Bai Liberty S. Mama

Chief, External Affairs Office


Prof. Osmena M. Kasim

Choreographer, GCDT


Ms. Parida Lucas

Girls Dormitory Manager


Bai Cherry Ibra-Coasin

Campus Protocol Officer


Mr. Nasrullah B. Dumpao

Boys Dormitory Manager


Mr. Guiamaludin A. Mokamad                             

Admission Officer/SASE Coordinator


Prof. Usman B. Malim

Coordinator, PUP/CBP


Prof. Luzvimenda O. Deanon

Director, Sports Development Office


Prof. Tamano S. Mantawil

Coordinator, Sining Kandidilimudan


Ms.Zaida Ulangkaya

Jeep Coordinator              


Mr. Dexter C. Talavera

Manager, Jeep Laboratory  


Atty. Ronald Torres

President, MINSUMAFU          


Mr. Datu Bong S. Rasul                                                          

President, MINSUMASA                                                          




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